We know from inside experience that the dilemma with Gym Floor Finishes and Residential / Commercial Coatings is that you can only pick two of the three major attributes you want: ease of application, exceptional durability, and pronounced, professional, beautiful results.

To us, that was not only unacceptable, but also an exciting challenge.

What we know

What we know is that problems cannot be solved by doing things the same way as before. That moving forward often means stepping off the beaten path. So every one of our Gym Floor Finishes and Residential Coatings is developed from scratch and brings to the market something new and useful. Something that will help improve results for our customers and be an advantage for their businesses. That something is our technology.

That’s why we combine great raw materials and unsurpassed chemistry to ensure our products are at the top of the field. We go the extra mile in the development process, from the beginning to the end of each product.