IQ Build Coat

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IQ Build Coat is the smart way to build your finish system. IQ Build Coat is designed to be used as a build coat in the ACT waterborne system. IQ gives you a clear non-ambering high solids layer that promotes adhesion and reduces waste. If you are already using a single component to get your build and then finishing with a 2 part to save money and reduce waste, IQ Build Coat is the answer.

Recommended Uses
Building ACT’s water-based system. Top coat with ACT’s Finishes.

Higher solids than finish
Clear, Non-ambering
Excellent adhesion over:
• Stain
• Raw Wood
• Rusted Root Sealer
• Natural Blonde Sealer
No waste
Easy application, great leveling and flow
VOC: Does not exceed 180 grams per liter

Download the Spec Sheet:
IQ Build Coat Spec Sheet
Download the MSDS:
Build Coat SDS

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 in