The Pros Choose Advantage Coatings Technologies

Are you using the best hardwood floor finishes? In this video, find out why contractors Tim Daly at TGB Flooring in Denver and Steve Heller at HY Floor in San Carlos, Calif., choose to use Advantage Coatings finishes on their wood flooring jobs.

“Stout Hardwood Floors has been installing, refinishing and recoating sports floors since 1995. In a short time, Advantage Coatings Technologies has proven to be a leader in research and development of new products and processes we the flooring contractor, need to be successful. For years I have asked for various products to streamline our processes and help achieve the perfectly finished floor. ACT listens and reacts to our needs in the field and addresses real issues and concerns we experience every day. I am excited to see what they come up with next!”
Barry Stout
Stout Hardwood Floor Co.

“I have been coating gym floors for over 30 years and I when I choose a finish, I look for three things: quality, price and customer service. Advantage Coatings Technologies provides some of the best customer service I have experienced in years – my orders arrive quickly and my suggestions and concerns are always addressed. I use a lot of water-based finish and their pricing has allowed my company to stay competitive in this difficult economic climate. And the quality of their finish meets my high standards of durability, appearance and ease-of-use. Keep up the great work.”
Steve Heller
HY Floor & Game Painting

“I have been in the Gym Floor Business for over nineteen years and have yet to find products and customer service that compete with Advantage Coatings. Whether you are working with water or oil, Advantage Coatings has the market cornered. I have worked with many other companies in the past years and I can not stress enough how Advantage Coatings products are far superior to others.  From the durability to the gloss Advantage Coatings will truly impress, even the tenured floor technician.

My company resurfaces over 600 gym floors a year, from professional teams to public schools. These are some of our high profile customers that have Advantage Coatings oil modified finish; San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, Texas A&M University and University of Texas to name a few.

Randy Harris and his team are a top notch operation with products and customer service second to none. If you need a superior product and great customer service give Advantage Coatings a call and let them help you get the “Ball Rolling”.”
Donald Rains
Quality Hardwood Floors Inc.

“McWil Sports Surfaces, inc. has installed and re-finished gym floors in southern California for over 24 years. We have seen the quality gym floor finishes go downhill fast due to the strict VOC laws. When Randy and his team at Advantage Coatings came to us with their line of finish products we were skeptical. After using the Sport Tone sealer and Defense finish we are extremely pleased with the performance of the product. The build and shine after 3 coats of finish is better than any other water borne finish that we have used. Our customers have been very pleased with the durability and continue to ask for Advantage Coatings for their re-coats. Thanks for producing a finish that we can be confident in selling to our customers. Keep up the good work.”
Grant Patterson
McWil Sport Surfaces

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