Waterborne Hardwood Floor Finishes & Sealers

The world’s most advanced waterborne hardwood floor coating technology.
Waterborne Hardwood Floor Finishers and Sealers
Today’s most advanced residential & commercial floor finish technology available. They said it couldn’t be done, but we proved them wrong and developed waterborne hardwood floor coating and finishing products that truly give you everything you want in a floor coating: tough, durable and easy.

Water Based Hardwood Floor Finishes

TOP KNOT FINISH – Residential / Commercial

Top Knot waterborne finish

Top Knot waterborne finish is the most durable, scratch resistant 2-component wood floor coating available. Ideal for commercial applications and new construction, where short time windows necessitate rapid hardness development.

Recommended Uses:

  • Heavy-traffic residential areas.
  • Restaurants, museums, retail stores, and other commercial venues.


  • 2 Part Hardened Product
  • Unsurpassed Durability
  • Commercial or High Traffic Floors

Download the Spec Sheet:
Top Knot Spec Sheet

Download the SDS:
Top Knot SDS
Top Knot Hardener SDS



ACT 1 Finish – Residential / Commercial

ACT 1 Finish – Residential / Commercial
ACT 1 waterborne finish is a clear single component that works great over stain,  The eco-friendly formula provides a high-durability, fast drying, and exceptionally resilient wood floor coating without the need of an external crosslinking agent. ACT 1 is a eco-friendly low VOC waterborne finish.

  • Clear Single Component
  • Excellent Build
  • Great Over Stain
  • Sheens: Matte, Stain, Semi-Gloss & Gloss
  • VOC: does not exceed 180 grams per liter

Download the Spec Sheet:
ACT 1 Spec Sheet

Download the MSDS:



Clear Cut Finish –  Residential / Commercial

Clear Cut Finish – Residential / Commercial
Clear Cut is a 2-component/crosslinked waterborne finish. The unique formula is highly-durable and fast-drying, with exceptional clarity. Stained floors must be sealed with Rusted Root or Natural Blonde.

Recommended Uses:

  • Residential and commercial wood floors where high performance is required.
  • High traffic areas, restaurants, offices, retail stores and hotels.


  • Single Component or Cross-Linked
  • Remarkable Clarity
  • Great Application Characteristics

Download the Spec Sheet:
Clear Cut Spec Sheet

Download the SDS:
Clear Cut SDS
Clear Cut Cross-Linker SDS



Water Based Hardwood Floor Build Coat

IQ Build Coat – Residential / Commercial

Rusted Root Sealer – Residential / Commercial

 IQ Build Coat is the smart way to build your finish system. IQ Build Coat is designed to be used as a build coat in the ACT waterborne system. IQ gives you a clear non-ambering high solids layer that promotes adhesion and reduces waste. If you are already using a single component to get your build and then finishing with a 2 part to save money and reduce waste, IQ Build Coat is the answer.

Recommended Uses 

Building ACT’s water-based system. Top coat with ACT’s Finishes.


Higher solids than finish
Clear, Non-ambering

Excellent adhesion over:
• Stain
• Raw Wood
• Rusted Root Sealer
• Natural Blonde Sealer

No waste
Easy application, great leveling and flow
VOC: Does not exceed 180 grams per liter

Download the Spec Sheet:
IQ Build Coat Spec Sheet

Download the MSDS:
Build Coat SDS



Water Based Hardwood Floor Sealers

Natural Blonde Sealer – Residential / Commercial

Natural Blonde Sealer – Residential / Commercial
Natural Blonde wood floor sealer is specifically designed to penetrate, seal and minimize grain raise. This unique formula reduces tanin bleed tendency, especially with White Oak. Natural Blonde provides a high-build, level surface which enhances the depth and clarity of the overall coating system.

Residential and Commercial wood floors; for use with all Advantage Coatings waterborne finishes.


  • Exceptional Tanin Blocking
  • Gives Wood Light Clear Look
  • Works Great Over Stain
  • Dries Hard-Screenable

Download the Spec Sheet:
Natural Blonde Spec Sheet

Download the MSDS:
Natural Blonde SDS


Rusted Root Sealer – Residential / Commercial

Rusted Root Sealer – Residential / Commercial

Rusted Root is a light-ambering waterborne wood floor sealer with excellent abradeability, high build and minimal grain raise. Easy application and good open time make it very user-friendly. Ideal for sealing stained floors – it locks in the color.


  • Highlights and Enriches Wood Grain
  • High-Build Sanding Sealer

Download the Spec Sheet:
Rusted Root Spec Sheet

Download the SDS:
Rusted Root SDS